Summer Internships – Optimising your applications

Optimise your applications and secure your dream summer internship

Corporate Finance

This course is intended for candidates preparing for their summer internship applications in the following domains:

M&A – Private Equity – ECM – DCM – Leveraged Finance

Course objectives

  • Understand the recruitment process for summer internships
  • Master the best practices for crafting your CV and cover letter
  • Gain an overview into the battery of online tests
  • Learn how to network effectively – online and during recruitment events
  • Understand how the assessment centre works and how to excel in them

Plan du cours

Contenu du cours

  • 7 sections
  • 58 vidéos
  • Durée totale : 4h07
1. Introduction
Video 1: Course introduction
Video 2: Landscape of investment banks
Video 3: Understanding the summer recruitment process
Video 4: Applying for summer internships – general pointers
Attachment: Summer application tracker
2. Optimising your CV
Video 5: Optimising your CV – overview
Video 6: Guidelines on optimising your CV
Video 7: CV Structure
Video 8: The header of the CV
Video 9: Section I – educational experience
Video 10: Section II – professional experience
Video 11: Drafting bullet points (Part 1)
Video 12: Drafting bullet points (Part 2)
Video 13: Section III – languages, IT skills, other interests
3. Crafting a cover letter
Video 14: Crafting a cover letter – overview
Video 15: Guidelines on crafting your cover letter
Video 16: Cover letter structure
Video 17: Sections I and II – contact information and introduction
Video 18: Section III – why M&A?
Video 19: Section IV – why the bank?
Video 20: Section V – why me?
Video 21: Section VI – conclusion
4. Competency-based questions
Video 22: Responding to competency-based questions – overview
Video 23: Typology of competency-based questions
Video 24: The STAR method
Video 25: Competency-based questions – 2 exercises
Video 26: Exercise #1 (Jefferies) – overview
Video 27: Exercise #1 (Jefferies) – sample response
Video 28: Exercise #1 (Jefferies) – proposed response
Video 29: Exercise #2 (Nomura) – overview
Video 30: Indicative list of competency-based questions
5. Online tests
Video 31: Online tests – overview
Video 32: Classification of online tests
Video 33: Numerical tests – overview and sample question #1
Video 34: Numerical tests – sample question #2
Video 35: Verbal tests – overview and sample questions
Video 36: Logical tests
Video 37: Situational tests – overview
Video 38: Situational tests – sample question #1
Video 39: Situational tests – sample question #2
Video 40: Hirevue
Video 41: Pymetrics
Video 42: Immersive tests
Video 43: Corporate finance tests – introduction
Video 44: Corporate finance tests – sample question #1
Video 45: Corporate finance tests – sample question #2
Video 46: Corporate finance tests – sample question #3
6. Networking - behaviourial tips and best practices
Video 47: Construct and mobilise the right network*
Video 48: Preparing your elevator pitch
Video 49: Networking events organised by banks
Video 50: The case of the Spring week
Video 51: Virtual networking
7. Succeeding in assessment centres
Video 52: Assessment centres: how to get there
Video 53: Group case study and role playing
Video 54: Interviews with the HR and bankers
Video 55: Presentation and individual case study
Video 56: Networking
Video 57: Online test verification
Video 58: How to get ready and additional tips

Description du cours

Applications for summer internships in investment banking are highly competitive. For the top banks, typically less than 3% of applicants eventually secure an offer.

Succeeding in doing so is therefore difficult but not impossible. It requires the right strategy, thorough preparation and flawless execution. This course is designed to enable you to develop just that. We take you through the best practices to adopt at each step of the recruitment process: how to network effectively online and at career and spring events; how to optimise your CV and cover letters; how to prepare for the online tests; and how to excel at assessment centers.

For those seeking to get an edge over the intense competition, this summer module is an indispensable guide. This course should be viewed along with the course dedicated to the online tests (“Mastering the online tests – Summer internships”) and the 16 investment bank profiles.


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