Psychometric tests – Practice assessments

Master the key psychometric tests with actual questions and full explanations provided

Corporate Finance

Le cours s’adresse aux étudiants qui recherchent dans les domaines suivants :

M&A – Private Equity – ECM – DCM – Leveraged Finance – Coverage

Course objectives

  • Hone your skills with psychometric tests through +200 actual test questions and full explanations
  • Practice the numerical reasoning test set by different test providers (AON MapTQ, SHL, Talent Q)
  • Master the verbal reasoning test set by different test providers (SHL, AON MapTQ)
  • Master the situational judgment test

Plan du cours

Contenu du cours

  • 3 sections
  • 8 tests d'entrainement
  • Durée totale : 2h00
1. Numerical reasoning
Numerical test #1 (AON MapTQ)
Numerical test #2 (AON MapTQ)
Numerical test #3 (SHL)
Numerical test #4 (Talent Q)
Numerical test #5 (Talent Q)
2. Verbal reasoning
Verbal test #1 (SHL)
Verbal test #2 (AON MapTQ)
3. Situational judgement
Situational test #1

Description du cours

Psychometric assessments are the first key hurdle to clear when applying for summer internships.

Given the keen competition and the high scores required to clear this initial screening phase (where more than 75% of candidates are eliminated), proper preparation is essential in order to succeed in them. .

This module provides you with the practice tests to hone your skills under realistic conditions, after having consulted the in-depth tutorial on mastering the online tests.

The assessments in this module are timed, and questions drawn from a range of test providers. Full worked explanations are provided for each incorrect answer given.

Through this module, you will acquire a familiarity with the variety of online tests that you will encounter in the course of your summer and off-cycle applications, and be at complete ease when actually taking them.

Practice makes perfect. Get an edge in your applications through our assessments designed to simulate the actual test experience


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