Summer internships – Investment bank profiles

Get an edge in your summer internship applications with our deep dives into 16 investment banks. Information included: recent deals, industry awards, list of past interview questions, snapshots of online tests

Corporate Finance

This course is intended for candidates preparing their summer internship applications in the following domains:


Course objectives

  • Get a deep insight into the specificities of different investment banks (bulge brackets, elite boutiques and middle market firms) and what differenciates them from others
  • Boost your cover letter and interview responses with convincing reasons (e.g. notable transactions, industry awards, league table rankings) as to why you seek to work in the bank in question
  • Prepare yourself ahead of interviews with a list of past interview questions
  • Practise for the online tests with a snapshot of online test assessments (numerical, logical, verbal, situational) for different banks

Plan du cours

Contenu du cours

  • 2 sections
1. Bulge bracket (in alphabetical order)
Bank of America
Credit Suisse
Deutsche Bank
Goldman Sachs
J.P. Morgan
Morgan Stanley
2. Boutiques and middle market firms (in alphabetical order)
BNP Paribas
Moelis & Co
Rothschild & Co

Description du cours

The competition for a summer internship in investment banking is incredibly stiff – and finding that marginal gain can often be decisive in your securing an offer. This course aims to enable you to do that, by providing you with actionable insights into 16 investment banks, spanning the bulge brackets, elite boutiques and middle office banks.

Having a deep knowledge of the banks to which you are applying is instrumental. Your motivation for working in the bank will be constantly tested throughout the recruitment process – from the initial online application to the first phone interviews, all the way to the assessment centre. Being able to cite precise and convincing reasons for wanting to work in the bank – beyond the generic ones typically found online – will allow you to stand out from the vast pool of candidates. We give you the materials needed to demonstrate your motivation for working in different banks, anchored on a deep knowledge of each of them. Through the bank profiles, you will have an insight into the strategic positioning of different banks, the notable transactions on which they have worked, the industry awards received, and latest league table rankings. Use them in your cover letters and conversations with interviewers to impress them with your keen interest to work in their team.

The bank profiles further provide you with information about the recruitment process within each bank, examples of past interview questions (fit and technical), and, where available, snapshots of the different online assessments used by the different investment banks. Employ them when you are preparing for the online tests and interviews. Once more – the competition is substantial: make use of the information we provide you to stand out from the other candidates.

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